FRAME x MONTANA, Copenhagen

Shortlisted as one of 10 global finalists for the Frame x Montana Challenge 2020. Part of 3 Days of Design, Copenhagen.

The challenge was to conceptualize a fluid office lobby based on the Montana System that serves both in-house staff and the community beyond. To cater to all needs, a hybrid area to include spatial facilities that help to blend the sociability and productive potential demanded

“A space for many.
An opportunity for creative encounters,
meetings and gatherings.
A space for possibilities.”

Furniture detail: Montana System used for central table. Stools designed to be produced from manufacturing offcuts. The interior is divided into modular sections, ensuring the spac can be multifunctional, in keeping with ethos behind the Montana System.


Designed in vanilla, to ensure a neutral, calm and relaxing space. Ivory compliments this palette to deliver a touch of elegance. A space to recharge, refuel, revitalise. Where you and your devices can recharge alike. 

The right hand side is flooded with terrestrial colours allowing for an energised and grounded environment. Inspiration taken from ginger and tumeric root which invigorate the senses, simultaneously fiery, earthy and cleansing.


The centerpiece, a long communal table, made from multiple
Montana modular units, invites individuals to come together and
collaborate. To encourage meetings, flexible work space, dinners and talks.

The room maintains harmony of sophistication and functionality. Welcoming tech with gadgets, projection and new material technologies.

Sustainable practices are achieved through considered collaboration, proposed designers and companies: Kvadrat for curtains, flooring by Kährs and lamps by Gino Sarfatti. Mogu supplies the innovative material Mycellium, used for projection screen and acoustic treatment for the space.

Creative Corner: Plinths to showcase the 42 colours of Montana shelving system. To allows guests to interact with colour combinations.