Spatial design concept for Cariuma Popup at Level Shoes, Dubai Mall. We set out to present the brand’s core values, sustainability, transparency and a commitment and connection to nature... In the middle of the desert.

The space is divided into 2 moments: one side a glimpse deep into the jungle, plinths covered with preserved green moss, soft and spongey to the touch. Cariuma's new sustainable Ibi collection are displayed on bespoke ALOH display stands. The stands elevate the shoe, showcasing the product detail from all angles, whilst providing an additional feeling of suspension in mid air.

The otherside, slatted panels, made out of eco  bamboo ply. The geometric design was inspired by the soles of Cariuma shoes. The result, an impactful display wall, with infinite options for use. Green highlights connect with the green product detail, everpresent with Cariuma. Preserved moss extends to cover the main display table & logo. 

“We must nurture our planet and find solutions to give back”


The reflective floor connects the space, creating a larger impact. Close up, the viewer's own shoe is presented to them at a unusual angle. Encouraging a connection between self and the Cariuma shoe being presented.



Plinths were covered in preserved moss ensuring inifinate green and requiring zero maintenance.
A vibrant splash of nature in a polished environment.


A vitrine, made with recycled acrylic reserves space on the moss table, displaying the anatomy of the sneaker, showcasing the design features.



Cut in 6 parts for ease of installation and shipping for future projects. Made in our Copenhagen workhop, working with our in-house carpenter we delivered impeccable design and production end to end. From leftover bamboo we made the display shoe stands - optimising production and resources
and minimising waste.